Modernism is Aspiration

To create the compelling or the serene in an environment is to compose a narrative; it is equally the story that is created by the unfolding dialogue between the client and designer. Timeless qualities like color, texture, pattern, and form, each blend together into an expressed statement of taste or sensibility. In similar fashion, temporal materials like wood and stone, textile and glass, ceramic, alloys and pigment, are harmoniously integrated and brought into relationship within an architecture. Then, with moderate restraint, one allows the aspect or essence of function to perform as the glue that binds the whole together.

Having furnished many of the world’s most opulent and elegant homes with period furniture, bespoke design, and contemporary art, designing interiors is but a natural extension of our many years experience as artisans, gallerists, and curators. We are inclined to envision an interior as total work of art; where all the moving parts are choreographed as a unique expression or professed statement of elegance.

Through craft and content, we embrace a self-styled verve for the “Literati Chic.” Our vision is a fusion of perennial classicism that merges with the modernist ethos and contemporary décor. Fluent in the language of period forms, with a flare for tribal design – we look to invigorate the idioms of contemporary design with historical awareness to inspire a new sensibility for the interior arts and urban lifestyle environments.

Iliad’s impeccability and signature brand is an industry by word; with substantial current projects in Asia and the continental US. Iliad Design continues to produce luxurious interiors, consummate bespoke furniture, and decorative arts in collaboration with residential clients, leading national architects, and international design professionals around the globe.