Restoration Philosophy

Modernism is both an ideal and an aspiration; its vitality springs fresh in a self-possessed exuberance and simple elegance. Likewise for the connoisseur, what is often most exciting about a piece of furniture is the communication that can occur between the world of the senses and the world of ideas – something which reveals the “spirit of an age” through a genre or an object. It is the idea of quintessence that a collector covets most about an acquisition, and what gives an object both its aesthetic and cultural value.

As both purveyors and restorers of fine Art Deco and Biedermeier, the challenge which we face is how to return the feeling of originality to an antique piece of furniture; one must understand that it takes a certain amount of art-historical knowledge to allow an object to “rise to its own occasion”. As artisans and antiquarians (both in Prague and in New York) – ILIAD’s team of restorers aspire to reach the ideal through the practice of our craft and the superlative presentation of a restored piece of furniture.

Maintaining the Elegance

ILIAD prides itself on our signature finishes. Outside of the showroom, we remain committed to our high standards of service to the Design Industry and our private clientele – helping to facilitate and maintain the elegance of our client’s cherished acquisitions. Following in this tradition – we are happy to offer these exclusive services:

  • Refreshment and repairs to lacquer & poly finishes. Shellac French Polishes
  • Woodworking and restorative craftsmanship
  • 23 karat gilding (oil gilding and water gilding) & polychrome repairs
  • Electrical wiring and UL certification

On Site Restorative Care: We Come To You

  • ILIAD now offers on-site restorative care and finish refreshment for your home collection by seasoned members of our Prague/New York staff. Inquire about our quarterly plans or one-time visits.

Spa & Hotel: Refresh and Re-Store Under One Roof

In response to industry demand – ILIAD is proud to pair signature quality restorative care with short term interim storage.

  • Whether you are in-between homes or in-between moves – invigorate your collection while storing it with us.
  • Less moving means less problems – we handle your furniture with the respect of master craftsmen and restore it to a showroom standard.

Expert Logistics and Handling

  • Whether it’s local, domestic, or international – our seasoned team of professionals understand the nuance of shipping and installation. Our reputation for getting the job done hassle free is a Design Industry byword.