Andrea Zemel

Andrea Zemel’s works arise from her belief that images are unique in their capacity to precede language as a form of memory. Like dreams, they contain both primitive and undigested vestiges of the human experience, which are often inaccessible to the reasoning mind.

“I am fascinated with making the invisible visible. Emanation, movement, feeling, thought; I create imagery that attempts to reveal what is hidden beneath the ground, or whirling in the air, suggesting a suffusive presence underlying phenomena which captivates and intoxicates the senses. Through my mosaics, I have developed a method using clay, glaze and glass to depict these visions. I am drawn to their tactile, luminous nature – on the wall the vitreous surface of glaze and tessera dance with the light. The allegorical nature of the mosaics are the stories I wish to tell, often buried in ancient myth, which reveal much about our contemporary frame of mind.”

Andrea Zemel was born in Washington, DC. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and PA academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. She has been the subject of numerous one-person and group shows throughout the United States. Her work is represented in leading private collections throughout the United States.