Sasha Meret

“I view the creative process as a search to find ways of revealing the unexpected – the perpetual changing nature of everything that surrounds us.

My intuitive tendency is to look for patterns – which I identify and term “modules”: “interchangeables” that can potentially be re-deployed; recycled elements as components of creation and of assemblage. From my perspective, this is the crux of the existential nexus – a key to both an understanding of the work and an intrinsic aspect of the revealed universe.

I explore the interaction between shape and pattern in sculptural constructs. “Modules” become objects drawn from every day life, like parts of cutlery, grids, hardware, or other kinds of familiar “ready mades”.

I rarely make sketches, rather, I allow my modules to guide me towards new shapes. It is like a leap of faith – the reward is that moment when you can surprise yourself.”